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Sno-flex’s lab tested design works by taking the pressure of thrown snow and dispersing it throughout the entire post.  This allows your mailbox to remain intact and not be destroyed every time it snows.  The spring is calibrated with just enough tension to maintain its straight up design when not in use.

Yes you can use your current one so long as it conforms properly.  Sno-flex is designed to work with almost any mailbox approved by the USPS.  However, if your mailbox is made out of brick and is very heavy, this will affect the movement of the spring.  If your mailbox is oversized to fit packages, this can affect the way Sno-flex works.  Standard plastic and aluminum mailboxes are best suited for this device.  Approximately 21″ Length, 9″ Height, 7″ Width.

Sno-flex is compatible with 4x 4 wooden posts.  This will not work with 6 x 6 posts, metal posts, or mailboxes that have plastic sleeves around the posts.  This will work with hollow polymer posts.  However you will need to put a small blocking plate behind the bolts.  Any questions please feel free to reach out at

Sno-flex is made out of high quality steel that has been heat treated and coated with a polymer paint to prevent rust and corrosion.  This has been designed to last years in harsh winter environments.

Installing this to a brand new mailbox post can be completed with just one person.  If you are installing this on a post that is already secured to the ground, it will require two people.  An additional person will be required to help stabilize the device during install.

The following tools are required to install Sno-flex:

  • Circular or Skill Saw
  • Drill with 3/8″ Drill Bit
  • Ratchet with 9/16″ Socket or 9/16″ Wrench
  • Tape Measurer
  • Pencil

Just like any other mailbox.  There are no anchors needed nor is a concrete footing required.